Learn How to Get 5 Clients This Month

Finally, get a simple, repeatable, and proven system

to get more organic attention and convert more clients NOW!

What You'll Get in The Get More Clients Workshop:

  • Live Virtual Workshop: Grow your audience organically and sign more clients with advanced sales and marketing strategies. Happening June 7th, 2024.

  • 1 Year of Implementation Support: An

    entire year of ongoing training, support, and community inside Boss Up, a $990 value.

  • Get Clarity On Your Business: Understand how to connect with people and sell your offers easily.

  • Coaching And Guidance: Get feedback and accountability to get your business going and money flowing asap.

"Before I worked with Kim, the most I ever earned was $46K. I just ended 2023 with $182K. Kim helped me upgrade my mindset around earning money which led to me becoming a coach, moving my business online, and investing to create wealth. I always get a return on my investment with Kim!"

 - Monique | Mindbody Coach

This Exclusive Workshop is For You!

Designed for coaches, healers and entrepreneurs like you, this Get More Clients Workshop is ideal for those ready to help more people, earn more income, and create more IMPACT in their business!

Perfect for both beginning startups and established entrepreneurs, this workshop bundle delivers organic marketing strategies and a simple, proven sales system to grow your organic audience, and convert followers to customers.

Meet Your Host Kim Guillory

“If you’re ready to experience deep, personal, professional and financial transformation in a way that’s real, lasting, and effective, let’s get started! ”

Kim Guillory is a Certified 10X Business Coach and Mentor who brings a distinctive blend of business expertise and holistic insight to the realm of sales strategy and business growth.

Kim’s 30 years of business experience and trainings uniquely positions her to craft offers, sales and proven marketing strategies that combines personal well-being with business success.

In the Get More Clients Workshop, Kim applies this holistic approach, ensuring attendees gain not just tactical business skills but also transformative insights for sustainable growth and success.

Why You Need the Get More Clients Workshop!

When you join the Get More Clients Workshop, you will learn my unique strategies for organic social media marketing, how to naturally build valuable relationships, and how to convert 5 new clients this month.

"Working with Kim has been a game-changer for my business at Contour Body Aesthetics in Glenwood Springs, CO. Under her guidance, we skyrocketed from $49K to nearly $500K in revenue within just a year. The strategies and insights she provided revolutionized my approach to marketing and sales, leading to a tenfold growth. "

 - Melanie | Contour Body Aesthetics

Your Ticket

Are you ready to finally implement a repeatable system to get clients in your business? For a limited time only, Kim is offering her comprehensive Get More Clients Workshop up to 85% off!

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Your Ticket Includes

  • Live virtual Get More Clients Workshop

  • 1 Year of implementation support

  • Personalized Implementation Guidance

  • Progress Review Sessions

  • Direct Access to Expert Coaches

  • Resource and Tool Recommendations


When you join me for the Get More Clients Workshop, you'll also get:


The 30-Day Business Launch Sprint: Identify your niche, compelling offer, and exact marketing plan, a $5,000 value

 Limited Spots Available!

Ready to transform your approach to marketing and sales to get 5 clients this month? Join our Get More Clients Workshop and start your journey to more clients, more sales, and MORE IMPACT!

Don't miss this chance to learn my exclusive system to organically grow your business. Spots are filling up fast, and this offer is only available for a limited time. Invest in your success today.

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“Kim’s dedication and commitment to her clients' success helped me to more than triple my annual business income. She highlights my strengths and challenges me to keep rising so I can reach my full potential.” 

 - Katelyn | Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Get More Clients Workshop specifically help me scale my established business?

The Get More Clients Workshop focuses on your wellness while you implement advanced strategies for growing your business. You'll learn how to overcome your limitations and improve your processes ensuring you stay ahead in your market.

What kind of networking opportunities are available in the Get More Clients Workshop?

The Get More Clients Workshop provides an excellent platform to connect with other ambitious business owners and industry leaders. These networking sessions are designed to foster partnerships, collaborations, and peer learning.

Can I expect to receive personalized advice for my business?

Absolutely. While our sessions cater to a diverse group, there are opportunities for personalized coaching and feedback, ensuring strategies are relevant to your specific business challenges.

Is the content of the Get More Clients Workshop applicable to my industry?

Yes, our content is designed to be broadly applicable across various service-based industries. The core principles of the Get More Clients Workshop for business growth and sales mastery are universal and can be tailored to your specific industry needs.

How time-intensive is the Get More Clients Workshop? Can I balance it with my current commitments?

The Get More Clients Workshop is an all-day intensive workshop on June 7th. So if you are willing to commit to your growth, we will help you balance existing commitments with your trainings without feeling overwhelmed.

What makes the Get More Clients Workshop different from other business growth programs?

The Get More Clients Workshop stands out due to its focus on your wellness combined with actionable strategies, expert-led training, and an immersive experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications tailored for real-world success in the healing industry.

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